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Gun and weapons charges are complicated, and our firm knows all of the defenses that can potentially lead these charges to be dismissed.

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Read More. A sex crime conviction in New Jersey can result in significant prison time, destroy your personal reputation, and lead to sex offender registration. Finding this website is a powerful step towards fighting your charges, and putting this situation behind you. At this stage of your case, contacting an experienced attorney is incredibly important.

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Even in the first weeks after your arrest, there are motions that we can file which can drastically improve the outcome of your case. Getting the case downgraded from Superior Court to Municipal Court can play an immediate role in your expected result by reducing your potential punishment.

These are steps in the right direction without even beginning the real fight against your charges. These motions are best filed soon after your arrest, so hesitation can cost you. In the same way, there are opportunities to submit motions in a municipal court case that can result in significant evidence being deemed inadmissible. For example, if police unlawfully obtained evidence by conducting a search without a warrant or probable cause, a successful motion to suppress this evidence means it can no longer be used against you in a court of law.

With highly experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorneys and former NJ Municipal Court and Superior Court prosecutors fighting on your behalf, our law firm is aware of every advantage and defense strategy that you can use to potentially beat your case. Many of these strategies are given freely within this website. Read the information that we provide on your charges.

For one, you might feel more confident in your case if we describe several ways that we can beat it. We also have pages for some of our successes in court that might apply to your charge. In my time at other firms, it seemed as though many attorneys wanted to step into a meeting room with the prosecutor, and take the first deal offered. You deserve to know that your money is being well spent on your defense, and that involves a lot of very difficult and tedious work on our part.

Our seasoned NJ criminal defense lawyers will research the accuracy of the tiniest details in your discovery package, which includes all of the evidence that the prosecution has in your case.

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We will put every detail regarding the circumstance in which you were arrested into question. What procedures did the officer follow? Did he follow them correctly? Did he document everything correctly? Can all of the evidence and even its transfer be accounted for? Relationships are important in New Jersey courts. Whether its appearing before a judge on a regular basis, frequently negotiating with a prosecutor, or simply the reputation for being an aggressive criminal defense attorney, courtroom relationships are important.

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Prosecutors negotiate more readily when they think that they might walk into court and lose, and they are not going to be afraid of a mediocre attorney. We are proud to be a highly respected law firm in the state of New Jersey. If you have been charged with a crime in New Jersey, we have thousands of successes behind us, meaning we have likely handled a case like yours. Our attorneys use extensive knowledge and experience to pursue the best possible results.

We know that money can be an issue for some of my potential clients, and other law firms charge some crazy prices. At the Tormey Law Firm, we are happy to work with you on payment plans and getting you the representation you need at a fair price. Most people are unaware that you can be arrested or convicted of a DUI even if your blood alcohol level was under the legal With unmatched knowledge and experience in the practice of law, the seasoned attorneys at The Tormey Law Firm are committed to serving their clients and tenaciously confronting the allegations against them.

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It may be a long road, but we will be by your side every step of the way. Our team of New Jersey criminal defense attorneys has extensive experience to help you achieve the best result in a wide range of cases. Marshall, we have selectively built a team of top-notch defense attorneys who have served as prosecutors and public defenders in more than 25 New Jersey cities and counties.

New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Douglas Herring

Our firm has twelve 12 offices across the state to conveniently serve our clients. The experience of those on our staff is extensive with over years in practice combined, countless stories of success and many accolades, including the distinction of being certified criminal trial attorneys. We have argued thousands of cases before judges and juries in courtrooms throughout New Jersey and are ready to fight for the best outcome, perhaps even a dismissal, in your case.

In fact, our lawyers have earned recognition from our peers in the legal community and are frequently invited by the media to speak as legal consultants.

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Marshall Colin E. Bonus Esq. Show Video Popup. Get Your Free Consultation. Our Work Has Been Featured in:. I did my research and decided to retain Jon after much time and effort. As it turned out, I could not have made a sounder decision… We are happy to say that our son has avoided jail and many of the severe penalties that seemed almost inevitable.

Drug Charge. Not Guilty State vs. Sex Crime.

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Reduced Charges State vs. Theft Crime.

best criminal lawyer in new jersey Best criminal lawyer in new jersey
best criminal lawyer in new jersey Best criminal lawyer in new jersey
best criminal lawyer in new jersey Best criminal lawyer in new jersey
best criminal lawyer in new jersey Best criminal lawyer in new jersey
best criminal lawyer in new jersey Best criminal lawyer in new jersey

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