Cochise county arizona property records

It would seem that this pattern of deep-pocketed largess has engendered a permissive — and even obedient — attitude on the part of CCSO toward Buffett. On October 30, , Buffett forwarded a number of emails to law-enforcement friends in Macon County. The emails appeared to have originally been sent to Buffett by an employee named Mark Rigel, advising Buffett of intelligence gathered on his Christiansen Ranch in Cochise County pertaining to illicit border traffic.

In , Rigel was a lieutenant detective of the Park Hills Missouri Police Department and at some time was also cross-designated with the U. A week following its purchase of Christiansen, the foundation gave Christiansen, via gift deed, to a company called Iroquois LLC.

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The registered agent at the time of incorporation was Trisha A. Cook, treasurer of both the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and related nonprofit, the Sequoia Farm Foundation, which is the sole managing member of Iroquois. Buffett Foundation, which, in turn, is underwritten solely by Warren Buffett.

Cochise County, Arizona Probate Court: Cochise County Superior Court

Howard G. Buffett serves as chairman and chief executive of the foundation, and as president of Sequoia.

According to email records, by some point in , Howard Buffett had installed Rigel in Cochise County. Rigel and other Buffett personnel set about placing a number of motion-activated surveillance cameras throughout Christiansen Ranch. As early as April , Rigel began to send Buffett images of men said to be smugglers crossing the rough terrain of Christiansen.

Army Fort Huachuca. At a. Each pack looks like it weighs approx. This is based on our past experiences. At on the morning of October 30, Buffett forwarded another batch of surveillance photos, likely gathered from Christiansen, to Larner, Houk, Schneider, and Walter:. Army fatigue jacket with deployment flag and a U.

Air Force uniform. Mission Oaks occupies more than 2, acres, sandwiched between the U. Mission Oaks shares approximately 2. Buffett seems to prefer his operations at Mission Oaks remain obscured. The real estate agent who sold Iroquois the property will not name the new owner, citing a nondisclosure agreement. Email correspondence between Buffett and Larner suggests that a no-trespassing sign punctuated with a noose was hung at the ranch not long after its purchase. As to the nature of Iroquois field operations managed by Rigel at Mission Oaks, the Kartchner lease contained some interesting admissions — in the form of a nondisclosure clause.

The nondisclosure clause explicitly forbade the Kartchners from discussing any aspect of Iroquois, including any information relating to the activities of Iroquois employees at Mission Oaks Ranch. In , Buffett expanded his border-enforcement efforts to Texas. These amount to a little more than acres of farm land, situated on the banks of the Rio Grande River, just southwest of Rio Grande City. Also, in that year the latest year for which tax records are available , the Howard G.

These counties comprise a notoriously busy corridor for undocumented immigration and drug smuggling. This program, conducted largely from through , was financed by Buffett, under the auspices of Iroquois, and executed in partnership with local ranchers, conservation groups, and landowners. Using helicopters, Iroquois sprayed several thousand acres of trees and shrubs such as mesquite, acacia, and creosote with herbicidal poisons. Speaking before the U. W]e are now implementing a program, which we started last year, where we are going to try to clear a mile deep for about 38 miles of the border of all the invasive species of creosote and other invasive species.

The other is that they want to reclaim their lands. So, this is a water and grassland conservation project and it is also a border security project in one. Select a Year Year Quantity Price Licensing: [? Therefore, a license is required to scan, view, modify, print, copy and digitally retain this data for personal and business applications. Please contact our Licensing Manager at ex.

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The distinction between "governmental" and "proprietary" functions of a municipality is found in tort cases in which courts were struggling with the doctrine of governmental immunity. The distinctions made were often illogical and would present a very unsatisfactory basis for determining the taxability of municipal property. For instance, in Dillow v. City of Yuma, 55 Ariz.

Following this to its logical conclusion, if we adopt the appellants' premise, the sidewalks of the City of Tucson would have to be taxed at their actual cash value. We believe that the Rubicon has already been crossed as far as Arizona is concerned and that property owned by a municipality is exempt from ad valorem taxes regardless of the use made of the property. Maricopa Co. Fox Riverside Theatre Corp. It is true that in this case there was no contention made that the constitutional exemption should be limited to property used for "governmental" purposes. However, it is obvious that the property held to be exempt in that case was used for a "proprietary" purpose — the leasing of a theater to a private corporation. When a constitutional provision is clear, judicial construction is neither required nor proper. Bohannan v. Corporation Commission, 82 Ariz.

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Clark v. City of Tucson 1 Ariz. Browse cases. City of Tucson.

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  • SIDI Thus, when a constitutional provision is unambiguous, courts are not at liberty to undertake its construction…. July 8, Judgments affirmed.

    Cochise county arizona property records
    Cochise county arizona property records
    Cochise county arizona property records
    Cochise county arizona property records
    Cochise county arizona property records
    Cochise county arizona property records

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