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Although NACA and its 44 member organizations do not provide individual services, they can provide information on the most current legislation and policy. You can reach member organizations around the country by calling or faxing the Washington, DC, office. Link from here to local groups devoted to child support enforcement, single parents, noncustodial parents, stepfamilies, and father's rights.

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Association Quote: "Our mission is to provide a voice for children and their families on issues of critical concern--welfare reform; federal food assistance programs for children; health care; affordable, quality child care; and enforcement of court-ordered child support--at the national and local levels. A national, nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting children of separation and divorce through advocacy and parenting education.

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A self-help, nonprofit child-support organization. Teaches custodial parents what they need to do to collect child support. Has chapters all across the United States. Call, write, or fax for information on how to contact a chapter in your area.

Fred Fathers Rights For Equality In Divorce

A national organization "offering emotional support and guidance for mothers with child custody problems. We are strictly advocates for women and children.

According to Miriam Rollin, President of the Board of NACC, members are individuals who provide legal and social work help in the areas of divorce, custody, abuse, neglect, termination of parental rights, foster care, adoption, and delinquency. The national office in Denver provides referrals to attorneys. With the combined effort of our organizations, and the American people, we can make a difference in the emotional and psychological well being of our children. Fromm, President Phone and fax: This is a self-help group that provides educational services and information on laws and proceedings regarding child support issues.

If making a long-distance call is a financial problem, you can call at a reduced rate until 1 PM Eastern Standard time.

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Shared-parenting bill aims for fewer every-other-weekend fathers | Bridge Magazine

This was formerly a national nonprofit organization, but was redefined as a national membership network for families who are involved in the cooperative raising of their children. A resource for parents searching for information and solutions, Parents Sharing Custody publishes a newsletter, called Do It With Love, and a book of the same title. They also sell video and audio tapes and sponsor periodic conferences and an ongoing network of meetings in other states.

According to Naheed Qureshi, NCMEC gives legal and technical assistance and can look into parental abduction cases if the parent reporting the abduction has custody and if the child has been entered into their computer system as a missing juvenile. If the child has not been so entered, that should be done first, before a listing can be made. NCMEC also publishes a list of local, nonprofit organizations involved in recovering missing children throughout the the United States. Olympic Blvd. It also distributes photographs and descriptive information about missing children, works with other organizations in the field, and maintains a referral list of professionals all over the country who can help families of missing children.

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  • Find the Children provides emotional support to families of missing children and gives referrals for post-recovery counseling. Resources are provided through local chapters Call the toll-free number to get contact information for the chapter nearest to you. Provides information on child support and custody issues for both custodial and non-custodial parents.

    Fathers rights divorce michigan

    New York, NY Phone: Suzanne Jones, Executive Director "Seeks to establish a network of local single parent groups so that such groups will have a collective political voice. Phone: ; Fax: ; e-mail: HN handsnet.

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    • A nonprofit organization that seeks "to address family law issues, particularly those affecting low-income women. Provides information and support to low-income women and their children in these areas. Publishes articles, manuals, information packets, handbooks, and a national newsletter.

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      Helps draft and prepare legislation and friend-of-the-court briefs in critical cases throughout the United States. Works to guarantee equality for women under the law and to seek protection and advancement of their legal rights and issues at all levels. Areas of interest include child support enforcement, dependent care, and the family. This non-profit feminist law firm challenges sex discrimination in the law and in legal and social institutions.

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      This group also maintains telephone counseling and referral services on women's legal rights concerns and community education. The Women's Legal Defense Fund is devoted to securing equal rights for women through litigation, advocacy and monitoring, legal counseling and information, and public education.

      The group advocates for women's rights in family law, employment, and education, among other areas, and publishes newsletters, handbooks, manuals, and brochures. Gallup, Executive Director Phone: ; Fax: Provides therapy for abusive men and advocacy for women as well as violence prevention programs in the schools.

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      fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan Fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan
      fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan Fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan
      fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan Fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan
      fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan Fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan
      fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan Fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan
      fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan Fathers rights for equality in divorce michigan

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