Free reverse phone book for cell

How is our reverse lookup free?

Thank you. The latest update is great, so I decided to re-review this app because it deserves it.

Free Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup

This app is the best reverse phone lookup app in App Store. I have tried other similar apps but this one outperforms those other apps with a wide margin. It was able to give me name of the phone owner 8 out of 10 times, and it does not keep luring you into paying for premium results. The results are retrieved quite instantly.

This app is very lightweight and runs smoothly, and it also has implemented the ads very non-invasively. The entire design is very intuitive.

How do you find a person's name by their cell phone number?

My some complains about the app is that it could use some extra features like making phone call to the number or texting it directly from within the app. I hope the developers read this and add those features on the future update. It would also be nice to be able to add the number into the contacts directly from the app if the user desires to do so.

Overall, it is a great app and I would be recommending my friends to use it.

Reverse Phone Lookup | PEEPLOOKUP

Good work! Thank you for your positive review! Your feedback has been noted and we will consider adding your requested features in our future updates. I was squeptichal at the beginning after I tried several different apps for the same purpose just to see how I wasted my time and the worst part of all! Every time you get an app BE CAREFUL and read all the permissions you are about to give to this companies which even after you uninstall their stupid application , can use the info that got from all your personal data and stored!

PeepLookup is world's best phone number search engine

So is it really an ap that important? Well if it is then go straight and get a good safe paid app. But just for basics this ap is great. I looked up contact numbers of a couple worker meaning they are strangers to me therefore not part of my data. Our proprietory technology enables us to locate the true owner, business or individual, for any phone number.

Try Zlookup today at no charge by entering the phone number using the dialpad on this page and we will locate the full name of the true owner in under 30 seconds. What are you waiting for?

How Reverse Phone Lookup Works

Try right away. Reverse phone number lookup means the ability to locate the owner information by using just a phone number. Zlookup is the only internet company, othen than NumLookup that also offers free Reverse Phone Lookup , that allows people across the world to freely and accurately lookup phone owners in under a minute.

Most other services either do not report accurate information or are just not free. If you are wondering how we are able to offer free reverse lookup service - know that we are not here to make money. Our goal is to minimize phone abuse and enable people to find out who called them.

Pretty sick!!! Spy Dialer! Spy dialer is the bomb Start your free phone number search below! BUT LEGAL We use publicly available information, social media and user-contributed address books to provide names and photos for unknown or suspicious phone number lookup.

Do a quick reverse phone number lookup to find out who's calling

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free reverse phone book for cell Free reverse phone book for cell
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free reverse phone book for cell Free reverse phone book for cell

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