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02. Set your type apart with colored accents

Balancing rock background for computer Balancing rock Underworld awakening movie wallpaper Underworld awakening Amazing Polar bear in snow Polar bear in snowy world High quality water lily wallpapers Waterlilly Kudu Kudu Cool beach wallpaper Cool beach wallpaper Cute sleeping baby Cute sleeping baby Abstract blue vision background Blue vision Fruits basket Fruits basket Halleys comet Halleys comet Pretty forest flowers Forest flowers Right before winter Right before winter Lovely night beach view Night beach view Biker wallpaper for desktop Biker wallpaper for desktop Snake mountain Snake mountain Air force one Air force one Rose of gelosy Rose of gelosy Across the bay Across the bay Though most devices come with a default picture, users can usually change it to custom files of their choosing.

A mobile wallpaper is a computer wallpaper sized to fit a mobile device such as a mobile phone, personal digital assistant or digital audio player. The height is often greater than or equal to the width. Wallpapers can typically be downloaded at no cost from various websites for modern phones such as those running Android, iOS, or Windows Phone operating systems.

Modern smartphones allow users to use photos from the web; or photographs captured with a phone's camera can be set as a wallpaper.

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Wallpaper images are usually copyrighted as many other digital images found on the Internet. Our team has been notified.

The black and white photograph sets the tone, and the dialed up textured grain adds a nice grit to the photograph. The text pops against the background, and the roughed up edges of the font pair well with the grain of the photograph. The curves of the font help to break up the roughness, and add in a much needed softness. This wallpaper is bright and cheery. The sun-like oranges provide a happy pop of orange color, and the soft pink background brings in lovely warmth.

The harsh light coming from the left of the wallpaper brings in a harsh shadow. The dark purplish-pink helps to ground the bright oranges, and provides a nice contrast with the light background.

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To create a similar photograph, arrange your objects on a light colored piece of paper, shine a light from one side, and snap your photo. Ian Barbard pairs this beautiful quote from Jimi Hendrix with a haunting illustration of a dark, chilly city. This wallpaper by Laura Bancroft features a number of images collaged together. The green plant life, the woman lounging, and the soft pink triangle all work together to set a scene.

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The modpodge of these images gives the wallpaper a retro vibe, but the harsh link of the triangle helps to bring it into the modern world. It is both contemporary and nostalgic. To create your own, find a selection of images you enjoy, cut them together, and overlay a transparent shape of color. This wallpaper is very reminiscent of the previous one, with the collaging of images and a pop of baby pink.

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What sets this one apart, however, is the contrast of the black and white image of the woman with the color in the rest of the imagery. These images paired together tell the story of a woman caught in a rain storm, yet her face is obscured so you can project your own emotions onto it. This wallpaper by Breanna Rose pairs a blurry background image of a wheat field with the soft, hand-drawn typeface Velik. The style of the font works well with the style of the photograph, but stands out just enough to allow the message to appear loud and clear.

It alludes to the idea of being present in the moment, even if everything around you is a blur.

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The subtle blue texture in the background helps to give weight to the shapes, and brings them down to earth. To create an image like this, let all of your creativity flow.

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  • 01. Find inspiration with a powerful contrast in type and photography!
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Choose a few colors, make a few shapes, and play around with arranging them on the page in a carefree, random manner. This image is truly inspiring. The welcoming scenery, the self-assuring quote, it really gives off a sense of refreshment and easygoing-ness. The text is nestled right in the image, almost as if it was actually there when the photo was snapped. The font is light and whimsical, which pairs perfectly with its message. This wallpaper by Alex Synge is a collage of beautiful flowers with sparkling stars nestled inside of them.

The pairing of these two incredibly different items works very well, and gives off a unique spirit and feel. The dark burgundies of the flowers pair well beside the light cream background and truly stands out front and center. This bright and cheery wallpaper pairs textural text with a textural background, but keeps it from getting too gritty with bright, sunrise inspired colors. To create an image like this, find a bright, textured image, and pair an inspiring quote over top.

Include some action accent lines to add movement and dynamic. This hand-lettered piece by Chris Rushing truly becomes an illustration of its own with all of the graceful, careful linework. It is incredibly intricate and ornate, and stands out against the midnight blue background.

The message pairs well with the background color, suggesting that it is now nighttime and a time for rest after a hectic, productive day. Flex your handlettering skills by sketching out one of your favorite quotes, or taking paint to paper. This wallpaper by Christopher David Ryan is inspired by M. The colors are incredibly simple and bright almost strictly a primary color palette , yet still convey the message in an un-juvenile way. You can create similar symmetry by creating one image, then flipping it over and lining it up to match.

This wallpaper was created by Daniel Patrick Simmons , a designer famous for handlettering, and that is shown incredibly well. It appears to be a little snapshot of his workplace, carefully arranged so that the work is central, surrounded by the tools that helped create it. It is inspiring and urges the viewer to create, and document their process. This wallpaper by Dave Franzese and Mark Miller is playful, and even a little tongue in cheek.

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The bright, pinky-orange pops out against the dark, navy background. The in-between shade of blue gives the text a three-dimensional appearance, and gives the snow something to really hold on to. Making your own three-dimensional letters is relatively easy.

Background Wallpaper Photos for PC and Android Mobile Phones

Simply pick a simple, block-like font, create two copies, and position one behind the other in a different color. The background of this wallpaper image by Dave Foster is understated, yet still important with its paint-like strokes. These skewed strokes melt into the skewed text of the quote. The angles of the quote and the background strokes complement the meaning of the quote, and are full of action and forward movement.

The juxtaposition of the bright, golden text against the subdued, black and white background in this wallpaper by Corina Nika is stunning. The text catches the light, and makes the idea of believing in something magical.

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The flowers add in a natural element, which balances the shine of the gold text and relates to the subtle, feminine curves of the font. The contrast of the vibrant red against the black text, and the black text against the pale backdrop creates an energy next to none.

To create a wallpaper with as much energy as this one, choose a quote, play with vibrant colors and accents, and determine where your action lines will make the most impact. This wallpaper by Cymone Wilder takes a quote and turns it into something more. The handlettering and the placement of the text creates an almost stamp-like illustration.

The splatters of texture inside the letters creates a luxurious feel, and the high contrast of the light text and the dark background forces the message out at you.

hot backgrounds for the computer Hot backgrounds for the computer
hot backgrounds for the computer Hot backgrounds for the computer
hot backgrounds for the computer Hot backgrounds for the computer
hot backgrounds for the computer Hot backgrounds for the computer
hot backgrounds for the computer Hot backgrounds for the computer
hot backgrounds for the computer Hot backgrounds for the computer

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