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Even then, we still may not recognize the signs as maladaptive or troublesome. If we take a preventative approach by taking care of our nervous system, we can mitigate the effects and keep our A game strong. Overcoming profound trauma and devastating challenges, including drug addiction and living life on the streets, Cain was eventually able to address the root causes of her behavior and use it as a launching pad for her worldwide success.

I was in a program and someone snapped a photo of me playing with my daughter. And I saw her smile. Brothers Ali and Atman Smith along with Andres Gonzalez came together to share their work from the Holistic Life Foundation in Baltimore City, a comprehensive program focused on teaching mindfulness practices to communities as a tool for both self-regulation and helping others. The trio took the time during the presentation to show the work in action, by leading audience members through a variety of breathing and mindfulness practices.

On different occasions the audience fell silent as they were lead through different approaches, with the hope that this first hand practice experience would be useful tools for both professionals and those served. Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, Founder and Director of the Trauma Stewardship Institute, brought humor and research to lead a focused dialogue on developing insight on the personal toll of working to care for the needs of others.

Our lives are not being done to us; we are co-creators.

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Noteworthy contributors also included longtime San Mar psychiatrist Dr. Ira Lourie, a thought leader in developing effective systems of care. Fletcher Foundation and Casey Family Programs, along with a network of active partners. Babypalooza was the place to be for young families in Washington County on Saturday, with close to individuals entering Bester Elementary School on a cool autumn day, close to four times more attendees than the same event in Towson University nursing students from the Hagerstown campus were present in big numbers to provide resources on birth control, postpartum depression, as well as providing safe sleep demonstrations and teaching swaddling techniques.

I think it was very helpful and useful because we were being asked lots of good questions. The Family Center of Washington County joined to provide opportunities for families including educational supportive services, with their staff members Anthony Bostic and Jamie Matthewson onsite.

The Community Free Clinic of Washington County was also present and able to offer a variety of resources, and commented on the positive engagement with so many thankful participants. Fall temperatures and the first dry Saturday in weeks brought a constant stream of close to 2, children, families and members of the general public. The event offered something for everyone, but the primary goal for organizers was to create social connections in the neighborhood.

This event is about coming together as a community and having fun! Having our community providers present allows us to build a network of support that is important for every family. Almost forty community resource vendors were present sharing various information on resources available to the public that ranged from social services, health and neighborhood coalitions of community residents. You guys took over City Park! Bester Community of Hope staff and South Hagerstown High School volunteers manned a variety of carnival games including a dunk tank, sledgehammer, speed pitch and a very popular laser tag course.

And I got to take pictures with Storm Troopers! Anthony of the Boy Scouts was onsite as a community vendor and is known for his booming voice, the kind you need to wrangle lots of high energy kids. When you take the time to listen and genuinely respond to what the community desires you see the success of activities like today. There is no question that the South Side is on the rise. Exactly one hundred friends from the neighborhood who preregistered participated in the event from p. The main attraction of the day was free professional family photographs donated by our trusted partner Crystal Lenz Photography.

Families came dressed for the Easter season and together captured memories of a special moment in time. I am able, so I do. It blesses me to bless them. The space allowed children to be stimulated by endless play opportunities while parents could take advantage of their own opportunities in the adjoining rooms. Have no doubt, children slept well after their time playing, because the kinetic energy in the building was tangible. For the topic of parental resilience, long time San Mar partner and massage therapist Ola Jones provided opportunities to unwind.

The room also provided space to write poems and craft a worry box with self-care bags. But the massage was pretty good too. To address concrete supports in times of need, various community partners brought interesting activities: The Jack E. Other community partners who helped make today a reality included Heads UP, Walgreens, Community Depot, and our dedicated friend Desi and her family from Box of Balloons. On the way out parents described what the day meant to them.

Hosted by Bester Community of Hope, a San Mar Initiative, this event was the fifth installment in a series of trainings focused on beliefs and strategies for social progress within families, schools and neighborhoods. Canada, a prominent national figure in education reform and social change who has been at the forefront of innovation, and whose work has led others to replicate his efforts including President Obama through the Promise neighborhood program.

He had the audience regularly laughing as he told stories of raising money, trying to work with politicians and developing a plan for the success of the neighborhood. I want to ask you for forgiveness. He then explained how this process not only gave him empathy for populations being served but instilled in him a bold vision for where the community could go.

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I was wrong. The research says that for the kids we serve it takes just one caring adult to change their brain structure. The Bester Wellness Committee comprised of school teachers and Bester Community of Hope partnered to create a unique dance event celebrating strong families and healthy resolutions. Teachers worked together and the gymnasium and cafeteria was transformed into a winter wonderland with lights and music, and children and their parents wore the best attire for a special night out.

There was also a table where students filled out healthy resolution cards to hang on a tree at school, which allowed for conversations with their family about their goals for Bester Community of Hope volunteers waited on families at their tables with a variety of healthy snack options including grapes, strawberries and cheese.

Both the students and parents alike were so dressed up and enjoyed themselves a great deal! This is what this community and school is all about. With the arrival of winter, the month of December saw a significant change in temperatures during the Walking School Bus, especially on December 13 th when the wind chill hovered around zero degrees.

Servicing Every City, In the USA*

Fortunately, it was the same date that we distributed hand warmers as well as new hats and mittens to all participants, made possible thanks to grant funding and local donations from the Young family and handmade offerings from The Quilt Shop at Traditions at White Swan.

You try it! Way to go! Email us at connect besterhope. During the month of November, students catching a ride on the Bester Elementary Walking School Bus celebrated the contributions of the local military with members of the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Hagerstown. They were able to not only build relationships with local service members but in the weeks that followed there were a variety of themed activities such as decorating American flags and signing special gifts for the service members who had come to the monthly special event.

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They also decorated stars for a flag, one to give to the military, and another for them to give to a local hero in their school, family or community. They each partnered with Neighborhood Ambassadors and BCOH staff at four bus stops throughout the community where children begin their walk. At each site kids and parents engaged with service members who provided a variety of popular items including Navy pencils and Army lanyards and formed lines to march to school.

We also were able to infuse ideas around discipline and health, as kids began competing in the morning for Army shirts for best marcher to school, most jumping jacks and most push-ups. This practice of adding some opportunities to get moving keeps kids warm and gets them ready for a great day at school. Edna, a local grandparent, faithfully brings her two Bester students to the Walking School Bus each week.

The more you walk the more you can win on the Walking School bus, with signature prizes announced each month through a raffle. On average we have between participants joining us on the journey each week, compared to about only once a month last year. In October, we gave away two brand new pairs of shoes, one to Kamden Falls and the other to Gracie Minnick. Next month will be themed around the holiday season and we will announce four prizes of select sporting goods items to encourage healthy play to raffle winners.

This past Saturday, close to people filled Bester Elementary School to celebrate young families at Babypalooza ! The focus was on supporting and celebrating families while providing information on parenting, child development and family living in the neighborhood. The event was possible due to ongoing financial support from the Washington County Department of Social Services and the Fletcher Foundation.

Special guest host for the event was WDVM news anchor Tasmin Mahfuz, who connected with kids and families and helped announce various door prizes for the event. The Hagerstown Artists Group was doing intricate face painting as well as belly painting for expectant mothers.

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One mother getting her belly painted cried tears of joy when her name was drawn to receive a baby basket provided by Meritus Health. Randy Scott, manager of Chick-Fil-A in Hagerstown, and his crew graciously donated and served boxed lunches to the crowd and vendors for lunch.

One mother with an elementary age student was at the event celebrating her expectant newborn. She related that she never expected to be pregnant at this point in her life and was in need of some additional support for her child that was due soon. There was a donated stroller provided from a partner and the mother was emotional in sharing her gratitude; she was even able to bond with another parent at her table while eating lunch.

Two other parents were already connected on social media, both attended the event and brought in clothes for an exchange sponsored by Children In Need.

infant car seat check hagerstown md Infant car seat check hagerstown md
infant car seat check hagerstown md Infant car seat check hagerstown md
infant car seat check hagerstown md Infant car seat check hagerstown md
infant car seat check hagerstown md Infant car seat check hagerstown md
infant car seat check hagerstown md Infant car seat check hagerstown md

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