Look at all those lonely people

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A beautiful surprise and so eloquently said. Thank you, Ann, and thank you Ronni for sharing it.

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Excellent beginning for a great feature here. Thanks Ann, and Ronni! Can't wait to see next one! Posted by: Ruth M. Tuesday, 14 August at AM. Posted by: debra kellerman Tuesday, 14 August at AM. I look forward to many more. Just beautiful! The thoughts, the writing, the underlying message. Your imagery was brilliant. Thank you for sharing, Ann. Posted by: Kay R. Tuesday, 14 August at PM.

An emotionally moving thought-provoking story — each vignette a story in itself.

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Eleanor Rigby, a favorite of mine, is such a hauntingly beautiful song which I enjoy most as recorded by select others since I never cared for the Beatles instrumentation for most of their musical compositions. Posted by: joared Tuesday, 14 August at PM. This is a wonderful piece which was enjoyed and savored tonight as the sun is approaching its evening horizon and the moon is rising fast up the sky to take its place.

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Or so it appears. Posted by: laura Saturday, 18 August at AM.

Eleanor Rigby (Remastered 2015)

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Home About Archive Contact. A Rite of Elderpassage Again. A beautifully moving meditation on our need for connecting. A sparkling gem to add to Ronnie's already glittering ring! Wonderful, one of my favorite songs and I'd forgotten about the Ah. Beautiful writing! So evocative and spell binding. Thanks for sharing your insightful observations. I've always loved that song. XO WWW.

All the lonely people: Where do they all belong?

Loved this. It speaks to me. Ah, such lovely writing. Such deep realization. So movingly and lyrically delivered. Thank You, Ann! Thank You, Ronni! Perfectly describes so many of us. Thank you for this story. Thank you, Ann. I want more. Appreciate having these again, Ronni. Wonderfully poetic and insightful. I have missed these stories!! All the lonely people Where do they all belong?

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Where do they all come from? All the lonely people Ah, look at all the lonely people! Where do they all belong? This is an early example of the Beatles taking risks and dabbling in other genres; in this particular example its baroque pop, as made evident by the string arrangements. During the Beatles' experimental phase, their producer George Martin experimented with studio techniques to satiate the Beatles' artistic desires. To achieve the aggressive punchy sound of the strings, Martin had the microphones set up really close to the instruments, much to the chagrin of the session players, who were not used to such a unique set-up.

This is the only Beatles song where none of the Beatles play an instrument. They only sing as a string ensemble plays on.

nord-dream.ru/idrossiclorochina-solfato-negozio-online-con-la-spedizione.php Eerily enough, the name Eleanor Rigby was found on a gravestone at the St. It could refer to make-up jars, implying that she cares about her appearance despite her solitude. It could also suggest just the opposite: her face is almost separate from her, kept in a jar for safe keeping until she has some use for it. She died in , aged 44, having been married to a Thomas Woods.

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Father McCartney. I wanted it to be anonymous. John opened a phone book and found McKenzie shortly after McCartney. There was no real Father McKenzie. Paul McCartney said about the song:.

Loneliness and isolation among the old is a big problem now.

We were working with Eleanor Bron on [the film] Help! It was either complete coincidence or in my subconscious. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Album Revolver. More on Genius.

look at all those lonely people Look at all those lonely people
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look at all those lonely people Look at all those lonely people
look at all those lonely people Look at all those lonely people
look at all those lonely people Look at all those lonely people
look at all those lonely people Look at all those lonely people
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look at all those lonely people Look at all those lonely people

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