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How to: Query People Search in SharePoint Online (and other SharePoint platforms too!)

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Log into Central Administration. In the list of Profile Properties, scroll down to find the field you want to add. Hover your mouse over it and select Edit from the drop-down menu.

Display content using SharePoint Search and the User Profile Properties

On the Edit User Profile Property page, make a note of the actual name of the field and the data type in the Property Settings section. Scroll down to the Search Settings section. Check the box beside Indexed. When you are done, scroll to the bottom and click the OK button.

On the Search Administration page, look in the left-hand navigation, scroll down to the Queries and Results section, and click on Metadata Properties. On the New Managed Property page, enter a name for the field. Enter a description if you want and select the appropriate data type. I added all three of them. You should see all three Fax properties listed. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the OK button. Navigate back to the page where you manage the Search Service Application.

SharePoint - showing Contacts in People Search results — John Liu .NET

In the left hand navigation, in the Crawling section, click Content Sources. Navigate to the Search Center site and perform a People Search.

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When you see the people search results page peopleresults. With the standard search box, if the user searches for a color e. But what if the user wanted to search only those documents that are tagged as green in the Color Category field? The Advanced Search Web part, with some customizations, can help answer that question.

How to Show the Fax Number in People Search Results in SharePoint 2010

Manage Metadata Property Mappings Note that in step 5 above, we referred to a property definition with the name ColorCategory. You need to define this property such that it maps to the field named Color Category in the Catalog document library. This definition is done through metadata property mapping. SharePoint list and document library fields are also referred to as properties. As the SharePoint search engine crawls through lists, it indexes the properties, which are then referred to as crawled properties.

You can customize this page or create your own results page.

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  7. For example, consider the document library with the custom Color Category field. When a user searches against the Catalog scope, you want the search results page to display a field named Color Category. Start by performing a search with the Catalog scope so that you get a results page where only items that fall within the Catalog scope are displayed. After you have such a page, follow these steps to create a new search results page:. The procedures shown in this article, though simple, can easily be leveraged to create more meaningful business solutions that can crawl and index a large amount of disparate data, yet offer end users targeted search capabilities to zero in on a specific subset of data.

    Custom search scope definitions also let administrators schedule indexing and crawling of each scope separately: Only scopes with frequently changing contents need to be crawled frequently. This ability not only saves server resources, but it also makes the search results more accurate and fresh. MOSS gives site admins the tools to target searches to users' needs.

    Hide comments. More information about text formats. These field names are not necessarily intuitively named. Once you find the user account, go ahead and right click on it, and select properties. Skip to Main Content Skip to Footer. Alright, so this post-series will be fairly detailed, therefore it will be broken up for both author and reader sanity into three parts: User Profile Properties Changes SharePoint Search Changes Search Results Page Customization For those of you that have done any searching on the subject, you will find a decent amount of custom people search XSLT result sets out there.

    moss 2007 people search web part Moss 2007 people search web part
    moss 2007 people search web part Moss 2007 people search web part
    moss 2007 people search web part Moss 2007 people search web part
    moss 2007 people search web part Moss 2007 people search web part
    moss 2007 people search web part Moss 2007 people search web part
    moss 2007 people search web part Moss 2007 people search web part
    moss 2007 people search web part Moss 2007 people search web part

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