Pontiac trans am vin decoder

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Each option, interior and exterior, is listed for future reference. The location of this label varies according to the particular model of car it is installed on. For the cars, the label was placed on the inside wall of the console glove box; in turn, for and , the sticker was moved into the LH rear storage compartment.

The GTA option code was Y84 ; the code is pictured on the next-to-last line on the sticker in the picture. If the label is present, then luckily the search is short and sweet: if Y84 is there, it's a GTA. If it isn't, keep traveling The dilemma here is that people are getting "wise" to this little label and to what it represents; more times than not, it will not be in the car.

As stated earlier, this is not to say that every person takes it out in an attempt to pass off a bogus car, but it does happen. A missing label also requires the taking into account of other factors Be watchful of your initial reactions to the car itself. If you are getting a bad vibe, consider looking elsewhere.

What does the VIN tag mean on Pontiac Firebird (VIN Decoder) - WestCoast juscdingtravinex.ml

Despite what you may hear, there are plenty of these cars still around. The process of documenting a car without the SPI label can get a lot more involved, especially if you have come across a savvy, dishonest person looking to make a buck. Before we continue, let us dispel two of the most common misconceptions regarding GTAs and the two that I still get the most mail about :. I don't mean to offend anyone out there, but that is straight from Pontiac Motor Division and Pontiac Historic Services. Never did and never will For anyone who disagrees, I will be happy to send copies of these forms for your verification.

I can relate to the latter dilemma personally; several years ago, I was offered a chance to buy a supposed GTA convertible. It was a beautiful black 5. The details were so "dead-on" that it was scary and I even again e-mailed PMD just to be sure about its authenticity. Needless to say, the owner was quite upset when I told him the truth, as he had bought the car as an authentic GTA So be very careful if you see one of these cars; the person trying to sell it to you may or may not be aware of what the "real deal" is, but don't fall prey to this little game.

It can be the timeless old game of "bait-and-switch" at its best But the ASC convertibles were the only ones to be considered "factory", as they had both an RPO code and a drop-ship code to have the cars sent to ASC for conversion after production.

All others were converted after production by selling dealers or by owners. But there are cars out there that are real GTAs; when dealing with the possible purchase of one of these, it is best to again go by the Y84 GTA code for authenticity. OK, so the SPI label is not in the car If you really want to know if the car is authentic, you can copy down the VIN and fax it to Pontiac Historic Services; they will research it for you for a small fee and give you a timely response. Of course, if you opt for the full package this process takes about two weeks So for you thrifty spenders out there, the first place you can look is the exterior of the car; many people trying to pass off a lesser car as a GTA will make their first slip-ups here.

By knowing what is correct and what to look for, you may save yourself some headaches or even heartaches later on. The first thing to check is to make sure all of the exterior badges are present and accounted for. If they are all there, then the most common mistake people will make is to not apply them in their proper place on the body. The emblems are all pictured below:.

On the production lines, these emblems were installed using jigs for proper continuous placement Many times the emblems will be higher up on the fender The picture here illustrates the proper placement. I am almost ashamed to tell you that this is a picture taken of one of the fender emblems on Hector, our GTA Notchback, as it was when we bought it.

As I recall, I don't think a single emblem was in the right place on the entire car.



They have all been correctly replaced now; actually it shames me to show this picture, but it IS a good example of my point. Hey, we can't be too proud here at The Source Page to highlight anything if it will help those of you out there make an informed purchase This emblem on cars has a mounting stud on the back of it secured by a speed nut, so it will usually be in the right place The emblems on cars are urethane and adhesive-backed only, but the location measurements remain the same.

Some people will catch this one as being incorrect even before they notice the fender emblems. In my experience, this is the location that will stick out first as being incorrect. Usually an erroneous placement will put the emblem somewhere around the center of the sail panel.

The shot above shows the correct location for the emblem in relation to the door glass. Another often overlooked accent touch is the headlamp door identification badge.

1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Black and Gold Smokey and the Bandit Combo Signed by Burt Reynolds

Some model GTAs came without it, so it would technically be correct for an '87 to be minus the emblem More times than any, this will be the place of a slipup; people most of the time do not go to the trouble of changing out this emblem, and just leave the silver one in place.

If it isn't there, then the car has at least had its headlight surround replaced in the past. Likewise, the Firebird emblem on the rear taillight center panel was also finished in gold on these models; an example is shown at right.

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Other Firebird models used a silver bird here that matched the silver nameplate on the headlamp door. Many times these rear emblems will be left alone, as it can be difficult to remove without breaking the entire panel For , Pontiac redesigned both the front and rear lamps, with the LH front headlamp identification changing to a recessed "PONTIAC" name embossed in the top of the headlamp door for all Firebird models; the rear lamp setup was changed for to incorporate the Pontiac name across the center of rear lamp illumination.


So a without the specific taillamps could signal, for example, a car that has had rear body damage and might warrant closer scrutiny Other exterior giveaways These wheels were standard on the GTAs throughout their product run of five model years. Usually the wheels are not an issue; but I have actually seen supposed GTAs for sale that have the black diamond spoke wheels on them. Sometimes you may also see differing center caps on certain cars; the photo shows the "WS6" caps that are always seen in advertisements and pictures. I personally have seen GTAs that feature the center caps with the gold Firebird emblem as well; in fact, most all GTAs had the "Firebird" center caps.

It seems the cap pictured above came into wide use in and continued through Keep in mind that most model GTAs photo at right will also have the "first generation" of these wheels, which do not have the small indentions at the joint of each diamond spoke where it meets the chrome rim as you can see in the photo at left of the style rim. These wheels are very hard to find now, as the ones now available are the style only. Again, the small things sometimes give clues to potential problems You have to weigh the pros and cons A word to the wise, though In fact, the display car in the Pontiac brochure is a white Trans Am with the gold rims on it.

Just another fact to consider On another exterior note and also a popular discussion topic , Trans Am GTAs also never had the fender air extractor vents found on regular Trans Ams. This comes into play for the models only, as starting in the fender vents were deleted from all Firebird models. The vents did not seem to go with the restyled aero package, so they were dropped. Now this is not to say that some cars could possibly have the vents due to unforseen repairs, etc. Following a lead of their GM brothers and sisters, Pontiac made compact automobiles such as the Ventura and Phoenix a main issue with its selection.

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The s saw the launch of these two-chair Pontiac Fiero. Despite its modest origins it had been initially promoted like a "commuter vehicle" , the Fiero eventually begun right into a credible sports vehicle.

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However the GTO wasn't the only real cult vehicle to be released within the 60s bearing the Pontiac logo design. In another American symbol found an effective solution of day, the Pontiac Firebird, an immediate contender for that Dodge Challenger and also the Mercury Cougar. Then came the Firebird Trans Am in The Pontiac vehicle company draws its title in the capital of scotland- Pontiac, Michigan, where Edward M. Murphy first established the Pontiac Buggy Company in , which focused on making equine-attracted carriages.

Many years later, in , when Murphy recognized the long run was at motor driven automobiles, he switched the buggy company in to the Concord Motor Vehicle Company.

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Pontiac trans am vin decoder

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