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When he refused to clean up the mess, he was placed in a small shower for almost two hours under scalding hot water. According to other prisoners in the unit, the shower was used as punishment for prisoners who angered the guards; in the 30 minutes before Rainey collapsed, he reportedly screamed and pleaded for help. When an infirmary nurse took his temperature, it registered degrees.

He died shortly afterwards. So I did. The Metro-Dade police department was called to the prison but did little investigating, failing to even keep the tape. Their complaint revealed details surrounding the September death of Randall Jordan-Aparo, who was serving an month sentence for credit card fraud and drug charges, in a confinement unit at the Franklin Correctional Institution FCI. Land had been dispatched to FCI in early to look into problems at the facility.


Unlike many prison employees, Land not only listened but investigated. On September 15, , Jordan-Aparo, 27, complained of back pain after falling while playing basketball. He collapsed several times over the next few days, and was taken to the infirmary three times with a degree temperature. Nurse Martha Greene performed an electrocardiogram but admitted she was not proficient at reading the results.

Nonetheless, she concluded his heart was working properly. The on-call prison physician, Dr. The nurses were unable to insert the IV after several attempts, so they gave up and left him in the infirmary. At about 4 a. I need to go to the hospital. Greene called security, and without consulting a doctor Capt. According to prisoner witnesses, Sgt. With the approval of Col. Timothy Copeland at a. Over the next 40 minutes he was sprayed three times with chemical agents. The first two times were three bursts per application of pepper spray; the third was three bursts of tear gas, which causes severe burning in the lungs.

Just 10 minutes of exposure to tear gas in such a confined space could be lethal, said Sven-Eric Jordt, an associate professor in anesthesiology at Duke University. According to other prisoners he was dragged. They also found the cell had residue everywhere; the floor was smeared with orange, which also covered the sink and toilet, and there was a dense orange cloud above the top bunk.

Although guards said they had provided Jordan-Aparo with fresh clothes, he was in dirty, orange-stained boxers when later found dead in his cell. Jordan-Aparo was seen at p. Because he was allegedly uncooperative, despite video showing he was so weak coming out of the shower that a wheelchair was required, Riley was unable to obtain a blood pressure reading.

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Choudhary ordered over the phone that his blood pressure be taken, but the nurses instead allowed guards to take him back to his isolation cell. He was unable to move, refused to cooperate and would not sign a release form, according to prison records. At p. Hampton found Jordan-Aparo sprawled on the floor of his cell when serving the dinner meal.

Jordan-Aparo was not checked on again until p. A paperback bible was lying under his shoulder. He laid there for five days begging for help.

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Previously, another prisoner had died after being gassed by guards — Rommell Johnson, 44, who died at the Northwest Florida Reception Center in June That investigation also revealed guards had used excessive force against five other prisoners. Nearly two years later his death remained under review. Details about both deaths were sketchy, as is typical when guards kill prisoners.

Sources said that Walker, 45, argued with a female guard during a late-night cell compliance check, then was killed after other guards rushed in to subdue him. Eight of those guards were later reinstated. The firings were meant to send guards a message. Less than a month after the mass firing, however, another prisoner was found dead in a confinement cell. Lowell Correctional Institution LCI prisoner Latandra Ellington, 36, a mother of four serving a month sentence for grand theft, died on October 1, That was just 10 days after she sent a letter to her aunt saying she was in fear for her life.

Patrick Quercioli.

"She is, in our opinion, the best doctor we have ever had."

Q then he grab his radio and said he was gone bust me in the head with it The medical examiner determined her death was due to medical causes, though her family suspected foul play. Union officials said Sgt. Quercioli was on vacation when Ellington died. They urged officials to check surveillance video to see if that guard was the last one to see her alive. Quercioli, who had a criminal record before he joined the FDOC, was terminated on August 4, ; another officer who allegedly threatened Ellington, Dustin Thrasher, also was fired.

No criminal charges were filed. Four unexplained deaths occurred at LCI in The unnamed prisoner alleged he was victimized by the guards on August 7, at the Reception and Medical Center in Lake Butler. Video from a handheld recorder and a wall-mounted camera were taken as evidence. Authorities allege Sgt.

Cancel, a one-time high-ranking gang member, then sold the contraband to other prisoners. A hit was placed on Powell after he caught Sgt. Brooks giving a cell phone to another prisoner. When he threatened to expose Brooks, Simmons spread the word among prison gang members that Powell was a snitch. The next day several prisoners jumped Powell on the recreation yard and stabbed him, though he escaped serious injury. Brooks and Simmons then sent another prisoner to kill Powell the next day.

Cook was subsequently charged with multiple felonies, including money laundering, smuggling contraband into the prison and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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In addition to the charge related to ordering a hit on Powell, Brooks and Simmons face charges for money laundering and directing gang activities. Six guards — a captain and five sergeants — were arrested in September and charged with using chemical spray on prisoner Jeremiah L. Tatum, 31, and hitting and kicking him while he was in hand and ankle restraints. They then lied about the August 5, incident, which occurred at the Northwest Florida Reception Center, falsely claiming that Tatum had spit at one of the officers. Those arrested and fired included Sgts.

Kirkland later committed suicide.

Also in September , Disability Rights Florida, an organization that advocates for the rights of the disabled, filed suit against the FDOC, seeking an injunction to ensure that mentally ill prisoners at DCI are not subject to abuse by staff. See: Disability Rights Florida v. Crews, U. Beyond deaths due to excessive force or other incidents involving staff members, an increasing number of Florida prisoners have died due to inadequate medical care. The uptick in deaths began shortly after the state contracted with Corizon, a for-profit company, to provide healthcare at most Florida prisons, with competitor Wexford Health Sources providing services at a smaller number of facilities.

After McDonough stepped down in early , he was replaced by Walter A. McNeil was replaced by Edwin G. Buss was replaced by Kenneth S. Tucker, who served for just over a year. Crews effective December 17, , who said the agency was not indifferent to incidents involving abusive guards.

State prison guards were previously represented by the Florida Police Benevolent Association. In his resignation letter, Facenda wrote that he had to deal with prisoners alone, was told where guards could beat prisoners without being seen, had to train a new employee after being there only a month himself, and said the majority of security checks that were supposed to occur did not. George C. He described a June incident involving prisoner Joseph Swilling, who guards handcuffed behind his back before leading him to an off-camera area, where they threw him to the floor and repeatedly kicked him.

Mallinckrodt, however, refused to remain silent. Once they had witnessed nearly a doubling of the rate of LP activation, they knew this belief in that keeping cells intact was crucial to studying the effects of hormones was not necessarily true, at least in this case. Finally, Sutherland had decided to ignore Jacques Berthet's request to conduct the same experiment using proper lab technique, specifically the Lehninger Hard Pour, where the supernatant material was decanted by pouring the liquid into another test tube once the particulate fraction reached the top of the original tube.

Berthet not only demanded this step of the procedure be done through careful aspiration, he also critiqued the lack of specificity during centrifugation with respect to suspension height, rpm and time. Sutherland married Mildred Rice in , the same year that he graduated from Washburn College. Patton, and was later sent to Germany, where he served as a staff physician in a military hospital until In , Sutherland divorced his first wife.

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A year later, when he became professor of physiology at Vanderbilt University , Sutherland married Dr. Claudia Sebeste Smith, the assistant dean at the university and were together for the remainder of Sutherland's life. He was awarded the Career Investigator position at the American Heart Association in and was elected as member of the National Academy of Sciences in The editorial board of the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics sought is attention from to In , Vanderbilt University created the Sutherland Prize which is awarded annually to a faculty member whose work has garnered them national, if not international, acclaim and respect.

Heidi E. Hamm, a member of the Vanderbilt faculty, was appointed to this position upon its establishment and still maintains this title.

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In , after spending 10 years at Vanderbilt University , Sutherland moved to Miami, Florida where he joined the faculty at the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine as a distinguished professor of biochemistry. On March 9, , Sutherland died of internal bleeding due to surgical complications after suffering a massive esophageal hemorrhage.

He was 58 years old.

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