Sex offenders in three rivers mi

Classification of Sex Offenses

Greenwood , P.

Selective incapacitation: Report prepared for the National Institute of Justice. Chronic juvenile offenders: Final results from the Skillman Aftercare Experiment. Greenwood, P. Abrahamse, A. Estimated benefits and costs of California's new mandatory-sentencing law. In Shichor , D. Criminology , 31 2 , — Selective incapacitation revisited: Why the high-rate offenders are hard to predict.

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Santa Monica : Rand. Department of Justice, Washington, DC. Groth , A. Sexual trauma in the life histories of rapists and child molesters. Victimology: An International Journal , 4 , 10— Groth, A. Patterns of sexual assault against children and adolescents. In Burgess , A. Lexington, MA : Lexington Books. Guarino , G. Juvenile sex offenders in treatment. Corrections Management Quarterly , 2 , 45— Hagan, J. Collateral consequences of imprisonment. Hall , N.

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Sexual offender recidivism revisited: A meta-analysis of recent treatment studies. Hamberger , L. Skills training for treatment of spouse abusers: An outcome study. Journal of Family Violence , 3 2 , — Hanson , R. Predicting relapse: A meta-analysis of recent treatment studies. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology , 66 , — Long-term recidivism of child molesters. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology , 61 4 , — Harer , M.

Prison education program participation and recidivism: A test of the normalization hypothesis. Recidivism among federal prisoners released in Journal of Correctional Education , 46 , 98— Harland , A. Choosing correctional options that work: Defining the demand and evaluating the supply. Harrell , A. Evaluation of the breaking the cycle demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama: Final report. Washington, DC : Urban Institute. Evaluation of the Brooklyn Treatment Court: — Harrison , R. Salt Lake County drug court evaluation report July, through September, Hartmann , D. Recidivism and substance abuse outcomes in a prison-based therapeutic community.

Federal Probation , 61 , 18— Healey , K. Batterer intervention: Program approaches and criminal justice strategies. Henggeler , S. Family therapy and beyond: A multisystemic approach to treating the behaviour problems of children and adolescents. Effects of multisystemic therapy on drug use and abuse in serious juvenile offenders: A progress report from two outcome studies. Family Dynamics of Addiction Quarterly , 1 3 , 40— Four year follow-up of multisystemic therapy with substance abusing and dependent juvenile offenders.

Multisystemic therapy with violent and chronic juvenile offenders and their families: The role of treatment fidelity in successful dissemination. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology , 65 , — Family preservation using multisystemic therapy: Long-term follow-up to a clinical trial with serious juvenile offenders. Journal of Child and Family Studies , 2 , — Henning , K. Cognitive-behavioral treatment of incarcerated offenders: An evaluation of the Vermont Department of Corrections cognitive self-change program.

Criminal Justice and Behavior , 23 , 31— Hildebran, D. Relapse prevention: Application and outcome. In O'Donohue , W. Hirschel , J. Female spouse abuse and the police response: The Charlotte, North Carolina experiment. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology , 83 , 73— Holloway , J. Post-secondary correctional education: An evaluation of parolee performance. Home Builders Institute. A program of training, restitution, apprenticeship, development and education.

Horney , J. Measuring lambda through self-reports. Rand methodology. Criminology , 29 , — Criminal careers in the short-term: Intra-individual variability in crime and its relation to local life circumstances. American Sociological Review , 60 , — Hughey , R.

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Evaluation of a jail-based substance abuse treatment program. Federal Probation , 60 , 40— Hull, K. Hull , K. Huot , S. Sex offender treatment and recidivism. Minnesota Department of Corrections, St. Husband , S. The cognitive skills component in substance abuse treatment in correctional settings: A brief review. Journal of Drug Issues , 23 , 31— Inciardi, J. The therapeutic community: An effective model for corrections-based drug abuse treatment. In Early , K.

Westport, CT : Praeger. Inciardi , J. An effective model of prison-based treatment for drug-involved offenders.

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Journal of Drug Issues , 27 , — Izzo , R. Meta-analysis of rehabilitation programs for juvenile delinquents. Criminal Justice and Behavior , 17 , — Jaffe, P. The impact of police laying charges. In Hilton , N. Jeffords , C. The relationship between GED attainment and recidivism. Johnson , G. Do drug courts work? An outcome evaluation of a promising program. Journal of Applied Sociology , 15 1 , 44— Johnson, G.

Evaluation of the specialized drug offender program. In Ross , R.

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Ottawa, Canada : Cognitive Center. Johnson , S. The Hamilton County drug court: Outcome evaluation findings. Jolin , A. Clackamas County community corrections intensive drug program: Program evaluation report. Jones , M. Do boot camp graduates make better probationers?

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Journal of Crime and Justice , 19 , 1— Is less better? Boot camp, regular probation and rearrest in North Carolina. American Journal of Criminal Justice , 21 , — Jones , R.

sex offenders in three rivers mi Sex offenders in three rivers mi
sex offenders in three rivers mi Sex offenders in three rivers mi
sex offenders in three rivers mi Sex offenders in three rivers mi
sex offenders in three rivers mi Sex offenders in three rivers mi
sex offenders in three rivers mi Sex offenders in three rivers mi
sex offenders in three rivers mi Sex offenders in three rivers mi
sex offenders in three rivers mi Sex offenders in three rivers mi

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